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"Heart to Heart"
Dr. James T. Willerson
A letter from Dr. Willerson, President of Texas Heart Institute.

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   April 2014                                                                     Vol. 15, No. 2

 Texas Heart Institute Journal Goes All Digital

Texas Heart Institute Journal now onlineThe Texas Heart Institute Journal has been publishing for 40 years, and is staying fresh by going 100 percent digital. Without a print version hitting your desk or the library display, how are you going to know when the new issue is published? Here are two easy options:

• Get an e-mail with each issue's table of contents by signing up on the journal's website.

• Get notifications on your phone or tablet with the Read by QXMD app (call or stop by if you have questions about setting it up).

Check out the second all-digital issue now at or at the mobile site. It's still open access and still in PubMed!

Follow Me to Heart-Healthy News!

The Texas Heart Institute has a growing social media presence. We have pages or feeds on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Flickr, and Google+. I'm old school (I don't even have a smartphone yet) and not a heavy user of social media, but I've been asked to do some tweeting as an extension of the library's news service (ask me about getting custom reports direct to your inbox). There's been a bit of a learning curve but I'm getting the hang of it.

I contribute three or four news-related tweets every day, highlighting interesting and informative heart health stories in the news. Because of the 140-character limit to tweets, they're good for "did you know?" or "here's something to check out" info bites. And of course, the link to the source article is provided.

Recently, I've featured interesting stories about the Mediterranean diet, sugar, nuts, green tea, dark chocolate, children, obesity, diabetes, heart attacks, blood pressure, stem cells, cholesterol, and more. 

Follow THI's news feed @Texas_Heart or +Texas Heart Institute. And let us know if there are topics of interest to you which you'd like me to emphasize. Maybe soon I'll be tweeting from a new smartphone!

- Gregg

 JoVE, a YouTube-Inspired Scientific Journal

heart_crochet I’m a visual learner. When I start a new crochet project, I like to watch video tutorials on YouTube to get me started. Many researchers are visual learners too. That’s why JoVE, the Journal of Visualized Experiments, was created. It’s a peer- reviewed journal in video format dedicated to biological, medical, chemical and physical research.

We have full access to four JoVE research sections:


JoVE General
JoVE Clinical and Translational Medicine
JoVE Neuroscience
JoVE Immunology and Infection

You can access some content from the journal through PMC (PubMed), or all content through the Texas Medical Center Library at JoVE (log in with your TMC account). Click here for a preview of JoVE's unique content.

Our very own Texas Heart Institute researchers have already published in JoVE! See “Osmotic Drug Delivery to Ischemic Hindlimbs and Perfusion of Vasculature with Microfil for Micro-Computed Tomography Imaging.” Click here for a free preview or click here for the subscription version.

- Rebecca
Make Time with Scopus

A confession - I have not watched a single episode of Downton Abbey. I am afraid I'll end up wasting all my free time camped out on the couch in a marathon viewing session. 

Scopus, on the other hand, always saves me time, and I love introducing it to new people. Just the other day, I saved someone hours looking for possible collaborators on a project using Scopus' filters and author analysis tools. It took us 10 minutes to identify the top authors in the field AND the top authors in Houston.

Not only does Scopus help you pull more information from the literature, it covers more of it. All of Medline and EmBase for medical literature, plus the literature from engineering, chemistry, and other sciences. Try Scopus out ... I promise, you'll get new insights! Learn more about using Scopus to explore new research areas in this 6-minute video.

Now that I've saved you some time, what do you plan to do with it? I'm putting down the remote and going outside for a walk.

- Sonya

P.S. You will need your TMC Library password to use this resource. Call me to get yours set up. If you prefer, we can run the searches for you!

Goodbye and Thank You! Farewell to Suzanne Taylor, Texas Heart Institute's Vice President for Education - our boss and contributing library team member. We treasure the advice we have gotten from you, and will miss your calm way of helping us find the best solutions. Thanks for your support, and good luck in your new adventures.
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